Visualising Data Naturally!

“The seed is the dream of what is to be. Remoulding only requires that we change our dream. For this we must plant new seeds” Manco


Do you struggle to visualise data & how to apply it to your business strategies?Are you a creative person who has a big disconnect with data? Become inspired by a totally new way of visualising data


Are you struggling to see the wood for the trees? Picture this:- What if you could see the whole forest without being bogged down? Nature has been designing data solutions for 3.8 billion years! Discover how you can solve your data challenge by learning from nature!


Can you grow your business & social-impact networks with relative ease? Explore nature’s collaborations & partnerships to grow symbiotic relationships

The Future


Host a conversation to discuss how we may together create a system shifting / self organising / social-impact network that  forges confidence respect & trust among rescued dogs & disadvantaged people


Spencer B Hodgetts


 Ecosystems Educator for
Data and Networks

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