Introduction to Biomimicry Workshop – Audience MRes/Phd Chemical Sustainable Technologies residential at Schumacher College 17th October 2012

This is the email I wrote to reflect on my experience.
Quick note to say a BIG thank you to all of you for the support you’ve given me in enabling my ten year dream of speaking at Schumacher College to come true last Wed.
Years ago, when we lived in South Devon, we used to walk our dogs in the woods on the Dartington Hall Estate & driving past I’d say to myself ‘one day I’ll speak in there’.
On reflection whilst driving home over Dartmoor in the pouring rain it was humbling (& awesome too) to realise that I’d actually spoken (& on one of the biggest current topics) in probably the same room as some of my heroes Amory Lovins & the late great Ray C. Anderson and heroine Janine Benyus. I guess that whatever one’s dream is, that if you believe in it from the bottom of your heart, then one should never let go for one day & no matter how many obstacles it will come true……is that resilience? ha ha.
Two hours flew by during which we watched the 8 minute trailer of Janine in Africa, with a pause to introduce Megan (Schuknecht). Tried out the Simple Rules activity in the courtyard area to much success & used the vegetation area around the front lawn for our Function Junction activity – with all five teams of four finding an additional function on a wild (blank) card. Described my Findhorn experience with two photos of the original caravan & the house I stayed in, explaining it as a community evolving to survive. Concluded with an overview of business examples using a slide show of our (Findhorn course) case studies  Finished just before the gong was sounded for dinner, to which I accepted the invitation to stay.
PS: also in the audience were MSc Holistic Science students & Schumacher faculty.