Biomimetric Resilience Inspiring Change

Explore & learn from 3.8 billion years of experience


Discover 3 examples of Resilience in Nature

1 Variation

2 Redundancy

3 Decentralization

YOU will be:

Inspired as to how YOUR business can
Adapt to Changing Conditions
Amazed at the impact YOU can have by Naturally


Welcome to the wonderful world of Biomimicry


We as a species have been here on this planet for a comparatively short time. If we condensed life on planet Earth into one year starting at 00::00 hours on January 1st then within that year
Mid May……………………..Coral appears
Midnight Dec 26………..Dinosaurs extinct
Evening Dec 31…………..First hominids appear
23hrs 59min………………..Agriculture invented
23hrs 59min 58secs…….’Petroleum era’ of cheap energy

Life in various forms has been here most of the year or in real terms for 3.8 billion years. Which is a great timescale for learning what works and whatdoesn’t. Thus Nature is probably our best teacher or classroom.

Biomimicry is the emerging science of emulating nature’s genius

Whilst primarily used within the fields of product design think Velcro and Galileo’s helicopter as early examples . With more current examples being the technology in your smartphone screen which enables you to view it outside in brilliant sunshine without any pigments to give colour is based on the Morpho butterfly from the Amazon rainforest.

1 Variation


Why do we design things that meet a standard then expect societies to adapt to them?
Would it not be more efficient in terms of energy and costs to design things that adapted to changing conditions by only producing for that situation.

Marine Blue Mussel


Mytilis Edulis

The Byssal Threads, shown in the right hand picture, are the strong silky fibres made from proteins. These proteins are secreted in minutes and in the correct quantities to be relevant to the tidal conditions in which the Mussel finds itself.

What are you ‘manufacturing’ in standard forms then expecting your client to adapt their needs to? GaPldUqM

2 Redundancy


When we talk of redundancy here we are not referring to the use of the word in an employment scenario. We are looking at what happens when a component of an ecosystem dies out. How do the remaining parts continue to function? 90_ldUqM

What strategy do you have in place to achieve stability and/ or continued growth within your business or organization if:

1 your main supplier
substantially increases prices?
2 your core product/service
is evolved by a competitor?
3 how can you
cooperate with your competitors?
How will you interact with others?

Biologists unlock ‘black box’ to underground work

3 Decentralization


We have come to realize both in business and community scenarios that there are benefits to being decentralized. 07a5811802f#.U5THpfldUqM

This can be in an international corporation responding to meet local needs. Or in the case of ourselves as online
social networks the ability to maintain community by self organising.

Termites have the ability within their communities to cool their nest in extremes of heat and humidity without the need for externally manufactured air conditioning.


Future Action Required


Together our communities of the ABD and 7 Graces have the opportunity to explore how we may apply Biomimicry’s Life’s Principles

Evolve to survive

Be resource (material and energy) efficient Adapt to changing conditions
Integrate development with growth Be locally attuned and responsive
Use life-friendly chemistry.

“Seeds of Geranium Flower”
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