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I imagine that there a quite a few people who are either new to being online &/or in business who feel overwhelmed by the mega success stories. Then there are the suggestions that one should be on every social media platform at once with all your own content.
What follows is a review of my experience as a start-up business in Sharing Content which is not my own and at the same time comparing this to in person & online business networking. NB: I’ve started a business in a market new to myself & geographically where I started out with no contacts.

Social Media Platforms: Facebook new business page & LinkedIn. Chosen because I’m familiar with both & where my audience hangs out; both in groups & individually. Thinking of groups earlier this year I deleted myself from 35 LinkedIn groups which are no longer relevant, if you’re selling tomatoes why are you in a model airplane group? Also, when I share to LinkedIn I have it set to automatically share on Twitter. I’ve done this as a test to show that on a platform where I’m not engaged it has had no response.

Posts: Chosen from a variety of online sources to provide up to date industry leading news & opinions around a single theme: Social Media Marketing. Shared on both platforms manually & at varying times of day. Sometimes I’ve added my own sub-heading or copied a strategic line from the article. A few went out without a sub-heading; non of which seemed to make much difference to quantity of Reach &/or Views. Data sheet attached (p4).

Results: 1 post (same to both platforms) per day over 22 days in July 2017. Facebook business page: Total Reach 983, Average/day 44.6. NB. 1 post on FB reached 820 which was this infographic without any story. Average reach without that 7.7 and 10 posts had a greater reach than that. LinkedIn: Total Views 675, Average 30.7 Views and 6 posts had a greater number of views than average.
If you take off the infographic blip of 820 the figures show I have a stronger response on LinkedIn. This shows that your content, whether your own or not must relate to your audience. Also vice versa are infographic posts the best thing for your Facebook audience?

So in 1 month from standstill 1658 people are now aware of my existence!

For my project of Creating Connections in person versus online I chose two audiences on LinkedIn and two local business networking organisations.

LinkedIn audience 1 = search for Social Media Marketing people in local area whom I’ve never met or who had never heard of me.

Tip1: if you are using LinkedIn for free & run out of 2nd connections to approach, then I discovered if you search 3rd connections that includes more 2nd to whom you can send requests.

Tip 2: I included a personal message in each request (ex. 2) & followed up with a “thank you for connecting first name” in response. For this audience I also stated connecting would be “pitch free from me”.

LinkedIn audience 2 = I replied to a post which gathered 90+ responses in a very short time frame. So I requested to connect with all SMM professional 2nd connections who’d replied to that post.

Business Networking Organisations Both are very active & efficiently run, one is primarily ‘business’ with ‘digital’ members and the other is primarily ‘digital’ with ‘business’ members. NB: By the time I went to these events I had gained a few local connections to whom I could reference back to. But I have a new business without an “elevator speech” and I’m talking with people who know far more about the technical side of what I offer than I ever will. This is a great opportunity to listen to others who are more experienced.

What do I observe as a result of this project?

1 It is possible to create awareness on social media by sharing other peoples content.

2 It is possible to enter a new market and create connections, conversations & interest both online & in person.

3 I’ve received some great advice and offers of support; along with potential offers of collaboration, future networking opportunities & referrals.

4 I’ve been asked to share this by a Facebook group owner for his audience to learn from. Hence my initial reason for writing.

5 I’ve had my request to share my daily postings in a closed Facebook group accepted.

6 I’m receiving continual LinkedIn connection acceptances.

7 I now have data to build upon which gave me the credibility for 5.

8 I’ve engaged in genuinely interesting conversations online, via Skype, by phone & in person.

9 Be aware of your numbers, whilst it may seem great to have 120 new connections of which the ratio in LIn aud2 to conversations is 1.75:1. Note that the ratio of those conversations to interest is only 4:1. Observe which audience for you will give you the better return for your investment.

10 To conclude this has given me 1 sale* to date on which I can now build. *From BNO digital/multi white-label project.

NB: Both Content Sharing & Creating Connections were undertaken during the same time period