Do you reach a point where you cannot see the wood for the trees, then, unexpectedly the chance comes along to help define the clarity which you are seeking? This has happened to me this year when I’ve been analysing my values. I’d been observing that the labels of eco, environmental, sustainable with which I’ve tagged myself for four decades and more recently biomimicry are NOT core to my values.

A Few Months Ago: I entered a contest to explore my foundations, to discover my ‘why’ (which I’ve either lost or previous ones no longer have relevance) and to listen to my soul. Through the process of sharing there I learnt that my inner vision is solid. The response to my entry image {see top} with the words

“The Soul of My Business is: A hub forging powerful connections to create a circular energy of change.” included: “What a powerful image, one that conveys the energy of the hub, wheel movement and change! Yet for all this to happen, it requires the unseen part, the solid and substantial core that’s supported by and firmly connected to a deeper ground of truth. SM

Diversity of color, depth and organization with interconnection. There’s a magical and powerful portion that is unseen, that goes to the depths, yet there are connections into the seen and outer world. BM

The importance of the hub, it’s power and strength in holding together the spokes that lead outward and create the wheel, is often overlooked. Very powerful energy indeed. PT

So much to consider with this photo and indeed powerful as is the statement. WSS Matching the image with your chosen words of forging, power and change gives me a sense of confident forward movement. SP

So where do I go with this confident forward movement? Initially in continuing to explore the connectivity between peoples and the groups to which they belong, whether that is the ‘corporation’ for which they work or the social media network where they hang out.

Why is this necessary? For too long, at least for the lifespan of the industrial era, people have been pigeonholed into silos, stovepipes & solitudes. This has resulted in both social isolation & creation of ghettoes (not necessarily of the inner city poor, it happens in rural affluent areas too!) causing enormous waste of lives and social wealth. Recently there has been much talk of collaboration, circular economies, connecting with nature and communicating spiritually. It is time to break free of the perceived conceptualization of these paradigms before they too fall into isolation within their own silos.

How? By forging powerful connections that allow true collaboration amongst meshworks of people.