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Would you like to join in a conversation to discuss how we may together create a system shifting / self organising / social-impact network that is inspired by the work of programmes in the US where rescued dogs who don’t have much hope are trained to be sociable by inmates who have usually had nobody listen to them all their life. So that the dog develops social skills aiding it’s chance of finding a forever home & in reciprocation the inmates gain life skills enabling them to contribute to society after release. Are you a dog rescue centre that has dogs who struggle to find homes? Are you a disadvantaged person with dog rescue experience? Are you a dog rescuer who has re-homed a long term resident from a rescue centre? Are you a human-animal interaction or intervention specialist? Are you a human-animal interaction or intervention organisation? Are you a dog trainer with experience in rescued dogs? Are you a coach, psychologist or trainer who works with disadvantaged people? Are you a therapy dog trainer or organisation? Are you a vet or veterinarian practice that works with rescue centres? Are you a system-shifting self-organising social-impact network weaver? Are you a philanthropist or social venture capitalist with a passion for rescued dogs? Are you………………? If so please contact me below to join in the conversation & let’s see what we can create.
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