This is the question I politely asked my LinkedIn connections in 2015
Do you have 5 minutes please?

As you may see from my updated LinkedIn Summary I have been reflecting on my values. In light of my values, and from a renewed appreciation of my skills and strengths, I would like to research whom I may help with my abilities.
So I’m writing to ask you personally if you’d be willing to take 5 minutes
and tell me what is the single biggest challenge that you’re struggling with right now. If you’d agree to send me your email address I’d be ever so grateful and I will send you a brief survey (via Google Forms) to answer (only 5mins max).
NB: All information received will be treated in the strictest confidence and not disclosed to third parties.
With kind regards,

This question was messaged to all approx 550 (at the time) LinkedIn Connections with
some going via email.

From reading Ryan Levesque’s Ask Method I had taught myself from scratch to use Google Forms for the survey & in what order to pitch my questions. This enabled the results via Gmail to be posted automatically in Gdocs Spreadsheet. From that I was able to analyse which categories the results fell into, place the %s of them in a new spreadsheet from which I produced the graphs below.
NB: In addition to this I had created alphabetically hand written lists of LinkedIn Connections with columns for items such as if I had, prior to survey, established contact. This grew into mega use of both sides of my A0 (1200x900 mm) whiteboard.
2017 Update:
I carried out further analysis of my then 663 LinkedIn connections using A9 (37x52mm) mini post-its & A3 (297x420mm) coloured card with 50 post-its to 1 A3 card. These I grouped into 4 categories of YSBC Survey Respondents,
Biomimicry/Eco/Sustainability, Coaches & Other with a different colour card for each.
Each person had their own post-it on which I added 8 & 10mm coloured stickers to define met in person, Eco (re YSBC), Online Conversations (email/Skype), Would know me if I phoned without a reminder introduction, Skype connection, Facebook connection.
2018 Update: I’m about to repeat both my 2015 & 2017 analyses & survey as my LinkedIn connections have grown to 892 with the increase primarily being in the social media marketing field. This will be used to define where my market is for my new offering of Visualising Data Naturally, based initially on inviting participation in an innovation project.